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Patterns in the Park

I was delighted to be invited to create a display for phone box art gallery Crystal Palace Calling. The three artworks are inspired by icons of the park, the Crystal Palace, a map on the park and surrounding streets and the amazing tv transmitter. 

All patterns are found in the park, and have been transferred to brightly coloured squiggles to bring the spaces and places to life.

But at the heart of the park is the people, and their stories. At the centre of the phone box is a colourful mobile of hearts, full of stories and memories of the people who use and love the park every day. 

The stories can't be seen from the outside, but if you peek in you might catch sight of the hearts.


Thank you to everyone who contributed a story and a memory to the piece. Stories and memories are here to read and enjoy! 

'I first thought that the dinos were real!' - Tarani

'Imagining myself as a Victorian era person seeing the original CP sparkle in the sun' - Emma

'One of my favourite and very cold fireworks nights ever was at CP Park' - Matt

"I wait,

I contemplate,

A decision is made, but not in haste.

Friendly people, with much to offer,

I am rewarded.

Until I return, this will be my everything."

"I was on one of many walks in the park that I took in the park with my friend during lockdown. We joined a group of peoplewho had stopped to watch the goslings in the water by the rusty laptop. We were all entranced. The joy of the ordinary."

"I love making hearts"

"Green dinosaurs!"

"I love running around the park!"

"I love going to Crystal Palace Park Halloween camp here, it was fun!"

"The maze went around and around, we went out of the maze and saw a dragon"

"Forest, the deep dark woods"

Crystal_Palace 4.jpg
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