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Suffragette Glass Breakers Map

London Underground (1).jpg

Hazel has been working with author, Jennifer Godfrey. Jennifer’s second book, Secret Missions of the Suffragettes: Glassbreakers and Safe Houses, covers in detail the Great Militant Protest where over 250 women were arrested for smashing hundreds of windows in London. Whilst researching the book Jennifer was struck by the volume of women involved and numbers of windows smashed. Across the two nights in March 1912 these women armed with stones and toffee hammers would have lined the streets in readiness. To convey this visually Jennifer commissioned Hazel to create a map. The result was this wonderful image - using the WSPU colours purple, white and green - with window smashing locations shown by glass smashing hammers and lightning bolts.

Jennifer met Hazel at an art event and was struck by her use of pattern, colour and shape.  

Jennifer recalls,
Working with Hazel seemed like the perfect match for me because I also love to find connections. I wanted to visually show the sheer volume of women involved. I believe this map does just that, drawing you in to look more closely at where all the glass breaking hammers and lightning bolts are. Together with my book, Secret Missions of the Suffragettes: Glassbreakers and Safe Houses, I hope that this map will bring to life many of the intertwined connections and relationships (both before and after the protest) that those involved had!"

Jennifer and Hazel are now thrilled to be working together to sell smaller versions of this map. They are £20 and available in A4 size click here to order. All profit (£10) from the sale of these maps will be donated to the Pankhurst Trust which brings together Manchester Women’s Aid and the Pankhurst Centre. They work together to ensure the powerful story of the women who won the vote continues to inspire us all to challenge gender inequality, and to ensure that those suffering from domestic violence and abuse get the confidential help they need (

To purchase Jennifer’s books visit:

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