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Inclusive SEND Workshops

Alongside her work with Dashing East, Hazel also co-runs Knots Arts CIC. Through Knots Arts Hazel develops and delivers inclusive children's drama and arts workshops, suitable for all children. 

Recent Workshops:


Knots Arts

Hazel runs regular art and drama workshops for children and young people aged 4 - 25 through Knots Arts CIC. 

She feels passionate about ensuring childrens voices are heard by those with the power to make change, and recently worked with children attending Knots Arts Girls Group to create some icons for the Sutton Local Offer website. 

SEND workshops at the British Library

Hazel regularly delivers creative workshops for autistic children and their families as part of the British Library's autism early opening sessions. The most recent session involved creating plasticine characters in response to the Library's Fantasy Fiction exhibition. 


SEND Football Club

In March 2023 Hazel worked with the City Parent Carers Forum to run two workshops with children attending their SEND sports clubs. Hazel ran two inclusive workshops to gather ideas about what the children wanted their logos and football kit to look like. She then translated these ideas into options which will become the groups brand identity. 

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